4+ Play and Learn Workshops for Children 2018

Mums in the Wood are pleased to offer a number of play-based workshops to support children going through the assessment process at 4+. These are not weekly sessions nor do they form any part of a tutoring process. They are one off workshops which will focus on helping children in areas they need to improve on.

They are designed to introduce your child to a wide range of activities focussing on different aspects of learning such as problem solving and perceptual skills and to help build their confidence when faced with something they may have never encountered before.

The sessions will be held in conjunction with Alison Fisher former Headmistress of Broadhurst School and Rajni Jayasekera and these workshops will be practical and fun, featuring plenty of games to provide a challenge in a non-threatening and interactive way.

The workshops will be taking place at a private residence NOT business premises.

Places are limited to 5 children per session.

Please also note that  Mums In The Wood is not a tutoring consultancy and as such do not accept children to be tutored for their assessments.

Mums In The Wood was set up and will remain, a resource that intends to help, assist and guide parents throughout the process and provide parents with the necessary knowledge, framework and resources to help their children with impartiality. We are not affiliated with any particular school, nursery or tutoring agency. 

N.B. Places will be only be confirmed upon receipt of payment. Please note that we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you do not give us 48 hours notice,  you will not be eligible for a refund. Refunds will NOT be processed if less that 48 hours notice is given. If notice is given prior to the 48 hours,   50% of the full price will be refunded.


If you would like to register, please book below.

24th November 2018 (14.30 – 15.30)

Session 1

Session 1 will focus on fine motor skills, phonological awareness, comprehension, sequencing and observational skills.


01 December 1018 (14.30 – 15.30)

Session 2

Session 2 will focus on cognitive skills such as mathematical awareness, reasoning and problem solving.



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