Acupuncture without needles by phobia expert Lauren Rosenberg

Lauren Rosenberg uses a technique called the Emotional Freedom Therapy. The alternative therapy uses a tapping technique whereby the pressure points are tapped while repeating certain words or phrases over and over again. Mrs Rosenberg explains how the tapping works, i.e. by freeing energy that becomes trapped within the body when anxiety and stress levels rise. In the video interview below, Mrs Rosenberg, a french born special needs  teacher, explains further.

In Lauren’s words,

“I  help children and adults to get rid of their fears and phobias  

I am an EFT, Energist and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner/ Theta DNA healing and I help people with many different types of fears/ phobias and transform people lives from being nervous and afraid to being confident and able to live their lives to the full.

EFT is a therapy where it is possible to mentally “tune in” to specific issues while tapping certain meridian points on the body with our fingertips. This releases emotional issues and allows the body to repair itself, most of time, in a very short period of time. Using EFT helps to balance disturbances in the meridian system and problems can be reduced or removed within minutes and hours unlike conventional medicine, which can take months or years. Once learnt, this technique can be used to overcome any future problems.

My therapy and unique formula that I have set up is ideal for removing  phobias will enable the person to enjoy a stress free life without any phobic restrictions. 



EFT is a sort of ‘acupuncture without needles’ and I help you stimulate the flow of energy through a number of your body’s main meridians by tapping on them lightly.

While tapping you tune into what you are afraid of when  for example, travelling by air. You do this by thinking about it or by saying your problem out loud as you go through the sequence of pressure points.



The process is related to acupuncture and uses the same bio-electric “Power Lines” or meridians that run through our bodies. Anxiety, fear, panic and other negative emotions disrupt the smooth flowing of the energy through our systems and cause us to “feel bad” – stomach churning, adrenalin pumping, heart beating rapidly and all the other symptoms you might experience as the fear takes hold.

When we tap on the major meridian points, we send small shock waves through the energy system that stimulate smooth flow and clear away blockages. As the meridians balance out and flow freely, so will you experience a sense of release and relaxation.

It is a good idea to try to remember the first time you experienced this fear. Go through your memories of the event in your mind or tell the story out loud. You can soon spot the statements and thoughts that cause you the greatest distress or emotional response. Tap on the pressure points and talk about these events until you feel calm and focussed.

You can contact Mrs Lauren Rosenberg on 07966268148 or via email at


Please note that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is not a replacement or substitute for traditional medical treatment but should be considered as complementary and supplemental to it. Under no circumstances should you cease taking prescribed medication without your doctor’s guidance and approval. The information supplied above is not intended as medical advice.


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