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Is my child gifted?

When most people hear the word “gifted” their first assumption is that the child is a bright shining star, academically and physically advanced,  well rounded, popular, happy and settled, doing very well in...

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All things sporty

It is a well known fact that children need at least half an hour of outdoor physical daily activity. Living in London where the sun does not necessarily make this an easy task,...

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Counting practice

Once your child has mastered general counting, these are a good way to improve their precision and writing skills. summer-counting-practice savanna-animals-counting-practice ocean-animals-6 insects-counting-2 farm-animals-counting-worksheet easter-counting-worksheet-three easter-counting-worksheet-nine easter-counting-worksheet-five easter-counting-practice bugs-counting-7 christmas-count8

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Colour recognition

These are just a few examples of work sheets I have found on the internet that may be helpful as a starting point. color-blue-recognition color-yellow-recognition color-red-recognition color-purple-recognition color-pink-recognition color-orange-recognition color-green-recognition  color-brown-recognition  color-blue-recognition ...

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