The consultancy offers advice on navigating the private and state school education system for schools in and around North London, advises on the selection process involved in the 3+,4+,5+, 7+  and all entry points in between through to the 11+  and 13+ assessment process and also offers mock assessment sessions and interview practice, which help serve as practice runs and prepare children for the real thing. These can be booked as either group sessions or individual sessions.

We also now offer standardised assessments  which will help parents understand their children’s cognitive ability, progress and levels of attainment as measured against their peers on a national level. Please see our assessment packages page for more information.

Individual consultations and telephone consultations are offered for those who want a more bespoke service.  Please see our services page for more information.

All our consultants can be reached via email on: 

Early Years, 4+ and 7+ Consultant

A dual qualified, ex-city, corporate lawyer and free lance journalist, Rajni Jayasekera is a local mother who has been through the entire process herself. She founded Mums In The Wood in 2012 which is a two way platform that not only provides parents with access to community services and social networking events but also provides parents with access to educational resources advice and support.  She has many diverse interests including a Masters in Corporate and Commercial Law from the University of London, a diploma in International Relations and has worked with numerous international charities dealing with Human Rights, Censorship, Media and the Environment.

After having her son, she cultivated a passionate interest in the British Education system and all things relating to academia and offers advice and support to parents. She has since, set up Mums In The Wood Education Consultancy which supports many parents who want to gain a more in depth understanding of the system and want advice on choices of schools and entry requirements and routes.

 Presenter, 4+  Workshops and Talks

With well over 20 years of experience,  Alison Fisher, the ex-head of Broadhurst School has a passion for teaching and excellence in education. Her desire is to seek the very best for young people whatever their starting points and to develop the potential in each individual child. Over her career Alison has taught professionally, the whole age range from 0-18 years. She gained her Early Years Professional Status qualification whilst Head of Early Years at a private Prep School. She was then promoted to Head Teacher and gained expertise in preparing children for transition at 7+ and 11+. When she moved to London, Alison spent five very happy and successful years as Headmistress of Broadhurst School.

She also has both professional and personal knowledge of the educational implications for children with disabilities and special educational needs.

Montessori  Consultant

Having had a career in Marketing and Event management, the headmistress of Casa Dei Bambini, Dipti Kanani, retrained as a Montessori teacher.  She prefers Montessori ideologies because of the deep spiritual and philosophical approach the method follows. She firmly believes that the Montessori method teaches the teacher to look at themselves and the impact of their actions on the children they teach. She will guide parents who are considering Montessori as an early years option and a stepping stone to the prep school route or as an alternative to the more traditional routes.

7+, 8+, 9+, 11+ and 13+ Consultant

Having co-founded Exam Papers Plus, a resource company that provides sample exam papers for students from age 7  to age 11, Louise Lang is an experienced consultant and she has previously worked in the Tutoring, Teacher Recruitment and Schools Consultancy industry. She keeps herself fully up to date with developments and changes in the various examination systems used by schools across the country and also helps prepare children for the pre-tests and 11+ and 13+ exams.

11+ Consultant

The Managing Director and Founder of Cavendish Milton, Ranulph Tees is an experienced tutor and advisor.  Previously an investment banker, Ranulph retrained as an educator graduating from Oxford with an MSc in Education. He has successfully guided students through the 11+ process for over a decade to the most academic schools in the country. He also oversees the training of tutors and manages the production of educational content .

Ranulph specialises in the 11+ Exam and related exams such as the ISEB Pre-Test.

French and Spanish Schools Consultant

Marcela was born in Mexico, but she has lived  and travelled between Mexico and France most of her life. This allowed her to have the best of the countries and cultures, good food, education weather… She then decided to live in France where she met and married her partner. She has an excellent understanding of the schools and system in France and has expanded her interest and her knowledge into the school system in Spain as well. Marcela is available for expats who prefer to have consultations in the vernacular. She is also available for parents moving into the French or Spanish system.  

Educational and Child Psychologist

Dr Jemma Levy is an Educational and Child Psychologist who completed her doctoral degree programme at University College London (UCL). She works with children and young people aged 0 to 25 years old, to comprehensively assess the individual’s strengths and needs to overcome any barriers to learning and to uncover their learning profile. This enables her to devise a comprehensive strategy and intervention guide to ensure that every child reaches their full potential and makes optimum progress.

She uses a range of psychological and psychometric assessments, including cognitive, memory and executive function assessments to explore a child’s learning profile. By working with their family, school staff and wider support system, Jemma proactively ensures strategies and recommendations are put in place to enhance learning.

Jemma also offers intervention packages based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles and effective learning research to support:

  • Exam stress management
  • Anger management
  • Study skills and revision techniques
  • Executive function training
  • Social skills training (including Lego-based Therapy).

Jemma will also sit in on assessments and offer either a standard add on report or an in depth assessment with report on request.

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