What we offer

We believe strongly that the service we provide should cover our area of expertise.  We focus on both independent and state schools, primarily around North London at the moment. We are however, in talks to expand our services around London.

We have so far, helped parents relocating from Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, Canada, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Italy,  India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. We also offer skype consultations for those families who have yet to relocate or are considering boarding options.

In the event, your child has a specific special need, we will also provide you with names of therapists and experts who will be able to guide you further. We must stress however that in order for us to direct parents, they must be open and honest about any conditions they may be aware of. We will ofcourse hold such information in the strictest confidence.

If you would like to use our services please contact us on contact@mumsinthewood.com


What will we cover?

  • an overview of the different routes and entry procedures into the private and state school systems
  • differences between the private and state education systems;
  • insights into local schools in the area;
  • an introduction to the Early Years, nurseries, pre-preps and prep schools;
  • an introduction to secondary schools and entry procedures;
  • a detailed plan of action based on the client’s personal circumstances and aspirations;
  • advice and assistance on
    • what to look for at an open day;
    • differing requirements of schools;
    • which schools to target based on location, suitability and school policies;
    • assessment preparation;
    • how to choose the right school when multiple offers are made;
    • written communication with the relevant schools, wherever you are in the process;
    • facing parent interviews.

How do we work?

  • We will have an initial consultation during which we will go over entry requirements and cover several schools in the area;
  • We will conduct a play based assessment of your child;
  • We will then suggest guidelines for learning through play to prepare for 3+, 4+ and 5+ assessments depending on where your child is at (the choice of follow  up sessions will be available);
  • We will offer advice on preparation for the 7+ , 9+ and 10+ exams and help you understand the process.
  • We will offer advice and preparation for the 11+ and 13+ exams.
  • We also offer assessments and mock exams for all of the above stages .

Assessments offered


  • Play based mock assessments for 3+, 4+ and 5+
  • CEM Nursery and Base assessments

Years 1 – 6

  • InCAS assessments measuring progress – offered throughout the year
  • 7+ Readiness Assessments
  • 7+ Mock Exam
  • 8+, 9+,10+ Readiness Assessments
  • 8+, 9+, 10+ Mock Exams
  • 11+ Readiness Assessments
  • 11+ Mock Exams

Educational Psychologist Assessments and Ongoing support for children with and without special needs.

School Placements for children who have been through our mock assessments

Haberdashers’ Girls
Haberdashers’ Boys
North London Collegiate
South Hampstead
The Hall
Arnold House
Hereward House
St Anthony’s Boys
St Christopher’s
St Mary’s
Mill Hill
St John’s
St Martin’s
St Helen’s
St Albans
City of London Girls
City of London Boys
St Christina’s
Queen’s College
Putney High
Wimbledon High
St Paul’s Juniors
St Paul’s
Westminster Under


We are now in the process of building an excellent tutor base and are recruiting tutors who are DBS checked.

We would be happy to match your child with a tutor that suits your particular needs and most importantly is able to form a connection with your child. We strongly believe that every child has different needs and a tutor needs to adapt their teaching methods to suit each child.

Our tutors focus on the fundamentals and concepts and make sure that there are no gaps in the child’s learning journey. While they will be preparing children for exams, they will not be focussing merely on examination papers nor on a one size fits all approach but instead will make sure that their charges fully understand and grasp concepts and are completely comfortable with the basics before proceeding.

For tutors who help with homework please click here.

For tutors who help prepare for 7+ and 8+ exams, please click here.

For tutors who help prepare for 9+ and 10+ exams, please click here.

For tutors who help prepare for 11+ exams, please click here.

For tutors who help prepare for 13+ exams, please click here.

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