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There are several types of consultations on offer as listed below:

All consultations are tailored to individual families and provide the necessary guidance and advice parents need in order to make informed decisions about their children’s education. Advice is provided on both state and independent schools (be it primary or secondary or a mix).

Please note that pricing will depend on the different options chosen. Please contact us via the form below if you would like to find out more. You can also email us on [email protected]


Face to Face Consultations or Online Consultations via Skype/Zoom etc.

This is a 2 hour consultation

The face to face discussion is available as a physical meeting or via skype, face time, zoom or other video conferencing facility that the client is comfortable with. This service is used by both International clients and clients living in the UK.

It is usually for parents who want a longer more detailed  advice about the system, school options, what the different entry routes are, want to form educational plans and want advice on primary and/or secondary options and plan for examinations among other topics. It can, if required, also include a comprehensive overview of the school system, entry criteria and entrance assessments.

Online consultation via Skype/Zoom etc.

This is a 1 hour consultation

This option is open to parents who have several specific questions or want a brief discussion on school options and entry criteria. It is essentially a mix between the face to face consultation and the telephone consultation but again,  can be used by parents in a way that best suits their individual/unique needs.

Telephone Consultation

This is a 30 minute consultation

The telephone consultation generally includes (but is not limited to) parents who need guidance on specific issues, are trying to decide between two or more offers from schools or have a particular and urgent need. Also used by parents to satisfy a pressing/urgent query prior to a deadline.  Parents also use the telephone consultation as a precursor to a face to face consultation or to discuss a specific educational need, development tracker or school test results.

Any time over the 30 minutes is charged at a pro rated amount rounded to 10 minute segments.




School Placements and Relocations 

This is a service  offered  for schools across  the country and covers all independent and state schools including boarding schools. This includes an initial consultation,  school searches*, help with the application process, entrance assessments and interview preparation and educational psychologist evaluations and all school correspondence.  The service is offered for children from nursery age all the way to University and includes services for clients who come from different educational systems for instance, from the US, Canada, the Far East and South East Asia and Europe. We are also experienced with placements and transfers to IB schools and International Schools.




Application support

All application support from school searches, contacting schools on the client’s behalf, filling in application forms, attending open days (online) on behalf of or with a client, guiding and supporting correspondence with schools and if required assessing a child and writing a recommendation report to the school to be submitted as additional evidence with the application form.

Referrals and reports

After assessments, referrals and recommendations with statistical standardised evidence and predictive grades are offered in support of applications to schools for those students who achieve or exceed expectations based on the results of the assessments.


*Please email to discuss options for school searches




Progress Tests, Assessments and Parent Consultations

All progress tests and assessments are conducted in affiliation with the Cambridge University family organisations .  Results will be accompanied by a comprehensive and very detailed report and a parent consultation based on the report.


3+, 4+ and 5+ Mock Assessments (Group / Individual)

3+, 4+ and 5+ Progress Tests and Assessments

7+ mock exams and interviews and 7+ Progress Tests and Assessments

8+ mock exams and interviews and 8+ Progress Tests and Assessments

9+ mock exams and interviews and 9+ Progress Tests and Assessments

10+ mock exams and interviews and 10+ Progress Tests and Assessments

11+ mock exams and interviews and 11+ Progress Tests and Assessments

13+ mock exams and interviews and 13+ Progress Tests and Assessments



Secondary assessments for students between the ages of 12 and 15 are also on offer and standardised adaptive testing for pre GCSE students is also offered.

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