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Caterpillar Music first started in 2001 in South London. Montessori teacher and mother of two Anita Anand has recently brought it to Huggle in Swiss Cottage. Music classes encourage language, confidence, social interaction and musical skills in a fun and relaxed environment. It has been shown that children benefit greatly from activities in which their parents or carers interact with them. Exciting puppets, colourful percussion, music making and favourite songs provide captivating 40 minute classes for babies and young children. Classes are educational and entertaining involving planned weekly themes. Children enjoy searching for something “red” to wear, looking through their books for a picture of a sea animal, or bringing their favourite teddy bear to show everyone. Why don’t you bring your little ones for a FREE TRIAL.

Classes are

Every Monday 2.15pm–2.55pm at Huggle, 8-10 Winchester Rd, London NW3 3NT and

Every Tuesday 10.30 a.m. at Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, Abbey Road, London NW8 OAE

Please contact Anita at:


Telephone: 020 3475 2483



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