Mums In The Wood and Exam Papers Plus Collaboration

Mums In the Wood is pleased to announce that, in addition to the assessments we offer for ages 3 years – 13 years,  we will now be collaborating with Exam Papers Plus to offer exclusive talks, mock examinations, interview practice for both children and parents depending on which entrance assessment is being booked along with access to the wealth of exam preparation resources available via Exam Papers Plus. We have worked with Exam Papers Plus over the years and find them an incredibly useful resource. The knowledge and insight that Faisal and his team have, into the UK examinations system is unparalleled. Together, the Exam Papers Plus packs and Mums In The Wood assessments will go a long way towards preparing children for competitive exams.  The exam papers packs have been rigorously tested and developed to ensure that students are extremely well prepared when sitting the relevant exams and the assessments offered by Mums In The Wood are often used by schools internally to assess and gauge student ability and potential.

If you would like to book an assessment, buy preparation packs or register for mock examinations, please use the links below.

The assessments and mock exams, either booked individually or in a relevant combination, help us understand both the current level of the child and his/her raw potential in comparison to their relevant national cohort which will in turn give us the tools we need to structure learning objectives and plans  and advise parents on probable school choices and how best to prepare for entrance exams and assessments.

Please feel free to email on [email protected] if you would like any further information.

Mock Examinations and Interviews 

Mock examination and interview dates for next year will be released in early each year.

Preparation Packs

To buy Exam Papers Plus preparation papers packs, please click on the links below.

7 + Exam  Papers

8+ Exam Papers

9+ Exam Papers

10+ Exam Papers

11+ Exam Papers

13+ Exam Papers





To access the CAT tests and PreTests on offer via Exam Papers Plus please click on the links below.

CAT Tests 1 to 4


To access standardised progress tests (InCAS, ASPECTS and BASE) offered by Mums In The Wood please click on the links below.


Nursery/Reception (Ages 3 – 4) click here and fill out the booking form.


Reception/Year 1 (Ages 4 – 5) click here and fill out the booking form.


Year 1 – Year 6 (Ages 5 – 11) click here and fill out the booking form.

Educational Psychologist Assessments and Screening Tests

To book an Educational Psychologist assessment or a screening tests for dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, working memory, processing speed, handwriting speed and sensory needs offered by Mums In The Wood click here and fill out the booking form.

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