Audio Integration Therapy and Light Therapy, A New Way To Address Sensory Processing Difficulties by Pauline Allen

Pauline is a Neurodevelopmentalist and a certified trainer in Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and Lightwave Stimulation (LWS). She regularly gives presentations at home and abroad and has developed a number of training...

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Tutors for all levels

With entrance exams becoming more and more competitive with every passing year, I have been asked over and over for a list of tutors for exams at varying levels from 7+ to 13+...

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Pilates and Pregnancy

Claudia is a local Pilates instructor, fully trained in mat and equipment. She has trained in Pre & Postnatal Pilates with Lynne Robinson of Body Control and recived further training through Jennifer...

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News Snippets – Education

 25 November 2015 – Source, British Humanist Association In a landmark judgment handed down in the High Court today, a judge has ruled in favour of the three humanist parents and their...

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Caterpillar Music

Caterpillar Music first started in 2001 in South London. Montessori teacher and mother of two Anita Anand has recently brought it to Huggle in Swiss Cottage. Music classes encourage language, confidence, social...

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